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Below is a table of sharia-compliant providers.

Your capital is at risk. The below should not be construed as financial advice. The IFG Rating is a sharia and impact rating not a commercial rating or advice. IFG itself is not regulated by the FCA as it is a content platform but, where relevant, the providers listed below are themselves regulated.



Annualised Return

This is based on our analysis, historic data and projections. Actual returns may vary from these numbers. This number does not mean you will get this return on the dot every year - for some Islamic investments your money will be inaccessible for a number of years.


IFG Rating

Our rating considers (i) sharia-compliance, (ii) impact and social good, and (iii) how the investment compares against mainstream equivalent options. We like products that are unambiguously sharia-compliant, do good for society and are competitive with the mainstream.


Global Outlook

We are adding global investment opportunities regularly, but current options are primarily UK-based. That does not mean however that if you are an overseas investor you cannot invest in these companies. Most of the above companies allow you to invest with them even if you are not a UK resident.


Still Confused?

Our Halal Investing for Busy Professionals Course breaks it all down for you, gives you tips on how to allocate your wealth, and how to think about investment risk and building up a portfolio of halal shares, alternative assets, halal property investing, halal gold investing, halal savings accounts and more.


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Why do we do this?

We quit our corporate careers to do IFG full-time because we sincerely believe that if Muslims are better with our finances, we can help deal with the income inequality in our society. Muslims are 20% poorer than the rest of the world - we want to change that.