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What is a Halal investment?

Saving for the future is important, but so is staying true to your values.

Halal investing is investing in anything that is not made haraam by Sharia law. Haraam investments include;

  unlawful activity such as alcohol, tobacco and gambling 

  riba and unjust gains that could exploit others

  any investments with a high level of uncertainty 

A lot of conventional products are not halal - including many mainstream ethical funds and many muslims unknowingly or knowingly invest in haraam products.

However there are a huge amount of halal options available on the market in asset classes such as equities, gold, art, start up investing and even property. IFG is here to help muslims and socially conscious investors to access them.


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Explore halal investments

Why invest in Halal products?

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It's socially responsible and results in more even wealth distribution supporting the muslim community

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You don't have to compromise on returns

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It's hassle free and easy to do 


Start exploring Halal investment options today

IFG offers a number of halal investment options via our brand new IFG Wealth platform. 

✓  You can easily compare a range of halal investments on one page and even shortlist the one's that interest you.

 Once you have chosen a product that meets your needs, we will show you how you can make your first investment and take that next step in your halal investing journey.

 There are options across a huge range of asset classes with varying risk profiles to suit all investors

  And finally, we vet the list of products regularly so the hard work is out the way!


Compare halal investments

Halal assets you can invest in

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What are ETFs and is it halal to invest in ETFs?

ETFs are Exchange-traded funds (ETFs), one of the most popular ways to invest in the stock market. They have long been hailed as one of the best options for the average investor.

Their permissibility depends on what the fund consists of. You can read a complete guide to ETF here.


What is Angel investing?

Angel investing refers to individuals investing in a startup or business. Typically, Angel investors join an Angel syndicate/investor network like IFG.VC You can read it in full here.

What is a Halal Investment?

In order for an investment to be halal, it must be compliant with the regulations and principles set out by Islam in the Quran and sunnah (known as ‘shariah law’).

There is nothing inherently haram (impermissible) about earning money through profit distributions from business activity or from the increase in value of assets.

Read about the halal investment criteria here
What is a Venture capital?

In short, Venture Capitals finance startups and businesses. You can read about it in full here and check out IFG.VC to invest in ethical, high impact startups. 

We also have a guide to ethical investing here.

How to buy halal stocks – stock screening method

We've explained this in full here.

What is a Halal property investment?

For a property investment to be halal, each investment and element of the investment contract must be in line with shariah.

This requires that:

  1. The subject matter must be halal i.e. you don’t want to collect rental income from a casino for example
  2. You are not charging interest such as late payment fees
  3. You must have a form of ownership of the property
  4. The capital amount you are using to invest - must be halal. 

Read about this in detail here.

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