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Islamic Home Finance Providers in the UK

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Shared Ownership

Bridge Finance


StrideUp are a new home purchase plan provider offering accessible, inclusive and flexible home finance solutions.

Gatehouse Bank

Gatehouse Bank are the largest Islamic mortgage provider in the UK today. They can be approached directly or via a broker.


Wayhome is a new alternative finance provider based on shared ownership. Check out our detailed review of their product here.


Pfida is an ethical fin-tech on a mission to provide everyone with equal and fair opportunities to save, invest and ultimately own a home without interest and debt.


UK's first bridge finance provider operating an ethical finance model designed in accordnace with Islamic finance principles.


An investment platform targeting returns of up to 8% secured on UK property and a finance partner you can trust and rely on to deliver.

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Save one of our Fixed Income funds offering up to 6% returns and easy access to your money when you're ready to buy the home of your dreams.

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Buying a house doesn't make sense for everyone. What if you rented, but invested the mortgage deposit elsewhere instead? This calculator helps you understand which option is best for you.

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Free Complete Guide to Halal Mortgages

  • You can buy an ex-council house very easily with the above-mentioned finance providers, but none of them currently offer the ability to take up the “Right to Buy” offer from councils.

  • Not a huge amount unfortunately. 

    But you should also check out Primary Finance, Heylo Housing, and any local shared ownership projects.