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Most people don't have a Will and lose £9,700 as a result

We are on a mission to protect the ummah's wealth. We help Muslims with their investing journeys and benefit over 100,000 people every month.

But we realised, there's no point us helping the ummah get wealthier if the Muslims give a ton of their assets upon death.

IFG Wills helps to fix this. To date we have helped the ummah save £47.2 millions in lost assets and avoidable taxes.


We help you

Save £100k+

Over the last 3 years, we have helped couples avoid £47.2 million in inheritance tax and lost assets. This is not some crazy tax-avoidance scheme. The government literally says on their website that you should get a will to avoid tax.

Family Matters

We help parents and grandparents get their affairs sorted so their kids are properly looked after when they’re gone. That includes those kids you’re particularly concerned about.

Islamic Law

We help ensure your estate is distributed according to Islamic law – the last thing you want when you go into the akhirah is for your affairs to be unislamic.

Your Living Islamic Will

We keep your assets automatically updated using our special software that is plugged into live asset data. So every year you can just print off an updated will. (coming in next 6m)

IFG Islamic Will benefits

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Money back guarantee

If you are unhappy with our service for whatever reason we will refund full amount no questions asked. We are that confident about our service after having handled 3000+ wills


We work closely with a leading tax advisory firm and will review your details to make sure your wealth is tax efficient. If it isn’t we will refer you to them, which usually means a saving of several thousand pound

Never work out Zakat again

Our will integrates in with our zakat calculator so this Ramadan you will get an automated zakat calculation based on your assets, saving you a big job every year

Talk to

You can book in for a call with us whenever you like


Islamic Relief, Muslim Hands, Muslim Aid, Muslim Charity and many other top charities trust our services for their legacy programmes

Personalised Wealth Insights

At the click of a button we will analyse your will data and provide you a personalised report on tips to improve your portfolio.

How it works?

Step 1

Answer our carefully-chosen questions in our wills form

Step 2

We draft your legally-binding will

Step 3

Simply print & sign the Will and you're all done!

Islamic Will


Suitable for most people with simple estates

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Trust Based Will Option


Particularly relevant for those with estates above £325k. See full FAQ below.

Start Trust Based Option

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Ibrahim Khan

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Mohsin Patel


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Billal Omarjee

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Guide & FAQs

How to make a Will

  • Your assets will be distributed according to English law. This is not sharia-compliant.

  • Yes, with an IFG Will we have a £10/year subscription that allows you to make unlimited changes. Simply get in touch with our responsive team when you need to make a change.

  • We have an Islamic Wills guide where you’ll find links to all relevant articles we’ve written.