Halal Investments

There are four broad categories that you can invest in as a Muslim at the moment (we are constantly on the look-out for more and will be adding these to our page on an ongoing basis). Within each of these categories  we have curated the most reliable, regulated and reputable providers and compare between them.


Stock Market Funds

A list of hands-off funds offering exposure to stock market listed with their 3-year annualised returns.
Annualised return means the return over the last 3 years, expressed in yearly figures. Note that these figures will be heavily skewed by the performance of the stock market as a whole which has, in recent years, been largely positive. Past performance is not an indication of future performance.
NameAnnual returnAnnual feesMinimum InvestmentNotes
Oasis Crescent Global Equity Fund6.70%1.29%£100You can buy this fund in a HL account
Wahed (aggressive)5.31%1.62%£100
Wahed (very aggressive)7.02%1.62%£100
iShares World Islamic ETF8.75%0.25%£1You can buy this in an AJ Bell account

Sharia-Compliant Property Crowdfunding

A list of halal property crowdfunding platforms. These platforms offer hands-off investing in property.
NameAverage annual rental yieldSet-up FeeManagement FeeExit Fee (% of net profit)Buy-To-Let OptionsBuy-To-Sell OptionsFCA-Authorised?
Yielders6.00-7.00%2.50%10.00%15.00%✓ (for HNW only)
Igloo Crowd6.00-7.00%5.00%10.00%15.00%
Savings Accounts

Halal Savings Accounts - Fixed Term

A comparison of sharia-compliant savings account with fixed terms. This means that the money must stay in the account for the length of time given in the product name. For example, in the "Al Rayan Fixed 1 Year" account, your money is locked in for 1 year with no option to take out the money until the end of the fixed term.
NameExpected profit rateMinimum depositWebsite
Al Rayan Fixed 1 Year2.05%£1,000Al Rayan
Al Rayan Fixed 2 Year2.30%£1,000Al Rayan
BLME Fixed 1 Year2.10%£1,000BLME
BLME Fixed 2 Year2.35%£1,000BLME
Gatehouse Fixed 1 Year1.95%£1,000Gatehouse Bank
Gatehouse Fixed 2 Year2.20%£1,000Gatehouse Bank
UBL Fixed 6 Months0.15%£2,000UBL
UBL Fixed 1 Year0.60%£2,000UBL

Halal Savings Accounts - Notice Accounts

These accounts are less rigid than the fixed term accounts. You still have to lock your money away, but you can withdraw if you give an agreed number of days' notice. You get less return, but if you want quicker access to your cash than a fixed term account, you should consider these.
NameExpected profit rateMinimum InvestmentNotice PeriodWebsite
Al Rayan 60 Day Notice1.00%£25060 daysAl Rayan
Al Rayan 90 Day Notice1.50%£25090 daysAl Rayan
BLME1.70%£10,00090 daysBLME
Gatehouse 120 Day Notice1.82%£1,000120 daysGatehouse Bank
Gatehouse 95 Day Notice1.75%£1,00095 daysGatehouse Bank
UBL 90 Day Notice1.00%£190 daysUBL

Start-up investing is investing in new or very young businesses.

Investing in such businesses is high-risk high-reward stuff. You can make anywhere between 0-1000% returns.

Most start-ups fail but a few succeed spectacularly (think Uber, Facebook, Amazon, Dropbox etc). If you invest in start-ups, you should build up a basket of them to spread risk.

The UK government has in place generous tax schemes (SEIS and EIS) to promote start-up investing. Under these tax schemes, UK tax-payers will get back up to 50% of their investment back as a tax rebate.

Through this website and our offline networks, we are in the fortunate position of being presented deals before they’re public. This year alone, we have helped Muslim investors invest £1.4m+ into Muslim businesses.

So if you are someone with (at least £5k) capital to invest in a business and want to make a real impact then get in touch with us directly through the contact form below:

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