Ethical Angel Investing Guide

Investing in startups as an angel investor is becoming much more well-known as an investment strategy. This page is our ultimate resource for you to get started in this world.

People now also know that the best way to gain exposure to these investments is by joining an angel investment network.

But there’s a lot more to it than that. Get it right, and the rewards can be better than any other investment class out there. Get it wrong, and the losses can be greater too.

In this detailed guide (which we will add to live) we will cover off all the big question on this topic. Each of the links below refers to a detailed article that we have done to address that question.

Where a link isn’t live yet, we’re still working on the article – bookmark this page and subscribe to our mailing list to hear about it when we go live with every new article!

Videos & Free Course

  1. Invest like the 1% – Learn where they put their money
  2. We have created a (completely free) 4-hour course here. THIS IS A MUST-WATCH.


  1. Startup investing – what is it and how you can get started
  2. Is Angel Investing Right For Me?
  3. What is an Angel Syndicate?
  4. An Introduction to Angel Investment Networks
  5. What is Venture Capital/Angel Investing/Startup Investing?

Getting Into the Detail

  1. Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) – What are they and are they halal?
  2. What is Crowdfunding & How to Make Money With It
  3. High Risk High Reward Investments – and How to do it right
  4. How to claim SEIS/EIS Tax Relief – A Complete Guide
  5. Muslim Startups are not getting venture capital money – and this is bad for our economy
  6. Are Preference Shares Halal/Sharia-compliant?

Now What?

You should sign up to an angel syndicate.

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