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Halal Investing 101 Guides

Investing is about making money over the long-term in a way that doesn’t expose you to the risk of losing it all.

So the name of the game is building a carefully-constructed balanced portfolio with a mixture of key ingredients:

  1. Fixed income
  2. Property
  3. Stock
  4. High growth

These investments are ordered in order of risk – with fixed income being the lowest risk and high growth investments being highest risk (generally).

Ultimately our Halal Investment Platform will help you choose and pinpoint your preferred portfolio. But before you do that, the below 101 guides should give you a good grounding in the essentials of each asset class.

Enjoy these resources below – and if you find them useful – all we ask for is a review on Trustpilot and your duas.

  1. IFG’s Halal Investing General 101 Guide
  2. IFG’s Halal Stock Investment 101 Guide
  3. IFG’s High-risk/reward Investments 101 Guide
  4. IFG’s Property Investments 101 Guide
  5. IFG’s Fixed Income Investing 101 Guide

(Note: there will be a little bit of crossover between the assets covered – but that’s fine as some investments can fit into a couple of different buckets)

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