Zakat Calculation FAQ

Zakat is a big old subject with so many fiddly questions. In this FAQ (which we will add to as we go alone) we aim to cut through the noise and help you get the answer you need quickly.

We also have a carefully-crafted zakat calculator designed to quickly calculate your zakat – but in an accurate way. Check it out here.

(FYI, we do not charge any admin fee if you do pay zakat via IFG’s Calculator. Nothing. Zilch. Just a community service.)


  1. VIDEO: Introduction Zakat and How to Calculate it from start to finish
  2. What is Zakat?
  3. Introduction Zakat on Investments
  4. Calculate zakat on stocks & shares – simple & detailed guidance
  5. Calculate zakat on loans
  6. Calculate zakat on funds, mutual funds, index funds, sukuk funds etc.
  7. Calculate zakat on pensions, SIPPs, Final Salary Pensions
  8. Calculate zakat on startups
  9. Calculate zakat on business
  10. Calculate zakat on gold
  11. Calculate zakat on crypto assets, bitcoin, altcoins etc
  12. Calculate zakat on property, buy-to-let and family homes
  13. Zakat on art, NFTs, & Collectibles


  1. Definitive Guide to Zakat on Investments
  2. Zakat Calculator
  3. If you’re really serious about zakat, Volume 1 and Volume 2 of Sh. Qaradawi’s Fiqh of Zakat is the must read book. It is a great book to put children to sleep too.
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