The IFG Fund Replicator

For the first time Muslims can replicate the portfolios of top fund managers.

We've started with UK Small Cap, and there's plenty more themes to come.

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Subscribe to get your unique copy of the IFG Fund Replicator. A Sharia-compliant list of 200+ UK Small Cap companies, screened manually by Mufti Bilal Omarjee, in which the top 5 funds have invested.

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Select and invest to create your “mini-fund” and have exposure to the high-growth UK Small Cap market.



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1-Year Performance

The Finer Details

Backtested Performance

  • £2,500 invested on 1 March 2016 would have returned £6,800 (172% return)*.
  • £2,500 invested on 1 March 2020 would have returned £3,850 (54% return)*.

Impressive returns – we, too, were pleasantly surprised!

For comparison, the FTSE 100 grew by around 7% from 1 March 2016 – 1 March 2021.


Annual subscription of £149.99 to access this list (and all future themes as we add them).

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Different Ways to Invest


Buy Every Stock

If you are with a no/low commission broker, this is entirely possible. You can also achieve very good diversification by just picking and mixing between 25-50 stocks from a variety of the industry sectors in the list.


Pick A Selection

The stocks are divided into categories in line with the industry that the company operates in (e.g. “Software”). You can use this to shape your personal selection.

Coming Soon

More themes coming soon, so subscribe and get access to them as we release the future lists

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