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We've unlocked a world Muslims could never invest in before. The secret ingredients of the top mainstream funds that you can pick from to invest yourself.



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Think of it like building a sandwich versus buying one

You’re Hungry

You want to invest in areas of the stock market Islamic funds aren’t offering, these off-the-shelf sandwiches just aren’t looking that appealing. But wait, IFG have the secret ingredients that make up the top mainstream fund portfolios.

Choose your Bread

Select which theme of the stock market you’d like exposure to. Right now we have UK Small Cap and global Clean Energy, but we’ll be adding more to help you sample different flavours and diversify your portfolio.

Choose your Filling

Browse the options and select which stocks you want to invest in. You can fill your sandwich with whatever you want and we’ve provided ways to help you narrow down the options.


Now that you’ve selected all the fillings you want, all that’s left to do is buy them. Just visit your broker and purchase all the stocks you picked out.

The flavours you'll unlock today

UK Small Cap

Unearth tomorrow’s gems

Clean Energy

Climate change is real. Expose your portfolio.


See what halal stocks stars like Warren Buffett are investing in.

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The Finer Details

Backtested Performance

  • £2,500 invested in UK Small Cap on 31 July 2016 could have returned £4,860 (194% return).
  • £2,500 invested in Clean Energy on 31 July 2016 could have returned £8,190 (328% return).
  • £2,500 invested across the Superstars portfolios on 31 July 2016 could have returned £20,590 (824% return)

Impressive returns!

For comparison, the FTSE 100 grew by around 7% from 1 March 2016 – 1 March 2021.


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Sharia Compliance

We’ve had every stock screened manually by Mufti Billal Omarjee, so you can be confident any you choose are Sharia-compliant.

If this does not accord with stock screening apps, it is more likely that the manual screen is correct.

We regularly ensure that all stocks remain compliant and provide updates if changes occur, to give you full security when investing.


Coming Soon

More themes coming soon, so subscribe and get access to them as we release the future lists

US Small Cap


Global Growth