Find, Grow & Scale Your Halal Investment Portfolio

The long-awaited flagship course where we give you the step-by-step blueprint on how we approach our investments and how you can too.

Master the art of halal stock screening

Have you been thinking about investing in the stock market for a while but you’re worried about investing in haram companies? We’ll take you through the art and science of screening any company in the world for sharia compliance.

Free Courses

Purifying Your Money

In our quest to advance knowledge on purification and sharia screening of stocks, we’re giving you full access to this 4-part email course.

– Detailed explanation on purifying haram stocks you may own (e.g. pension funds);
– The lowdown on halal stock screening, how you can start looking for halal companies, and why automated apps are no match for manual screening;
– A live analysis of 3 companies for sharia compliance.

5 Essentials To Halal Investing

If you’re like one of the many people we meet who want to start investing but just don’t know where to begin, this is a great free e-mail course we’ve put together for you!