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Best Islamic Mortgage Calculators

The best Islamic mortgage calculators can be found on IFG. We’ve listed them here, along with others that we think are good.

IFG Calculators

Every bank will have their own calculators. Unlike IFG’s, a bank specific calculator will only show you offerings for their products. You can use the calculators on IFG calculators to compare different banks against each other. Of course, use every tool you have out there.

The IFG calculators will give you an idea of what you could finance. We offer four:

They are really simple to use.

For any of the first three, simply enter in your product type (e.g. home refinance), the property value, the finance you require and the term length (anything from 5-35 years).

IFG – Buy or Rent Calculator

This is designed to help you understand whether it will be more cost-efficient for you to rent or buy your property over the long term.

this bespoke tool to be tailored for a Muslim audience. It automatically accounts for mortgage repayment increases and rent increases over time in line with inflation, unlike other calculators. It also factors in buying costs and stamp duty. Equally, it factors in a return on you investing your deposit money if you choose to rent.

We even have a detailed explanation of how it works here.

Al Rayan Calculator

They have two handy calculators for their products:

Home Purchase Plan

For the HPP, they have the Payments and financial commitments calculators.

This gives you an idea of the payments that you’d have to make on your HPP and consider how much you can afford each month.

Buy-to-Let Purchase Plan

Here you can find Payments and bank contributions calculators.

This gives you an idea of the level of finance that the Bank may be able to contribute  towards your BTLPP and find out how much your likely payments will be.


Their Home Finance calculators allows you to find out how much finance they may be able to provide and how much it’ll cost you.

Options include HPP and buy-to-let, similar to Al Ryan’s calculator. However here you can enter the income and credit commitment for an additional applicant.

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