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Isma'il Mustafa

Isma'il Mustafa

Wills & Operations Associate

IFG Wills is committed to making Islamic Wills easy and accessible for everyone. We’re proud that we’ve got a lot of experience helping reverts make this Islamic Wills and gain peace of mind.

We go through some of the common queries below:

Do I include my non-Muslim relatives in the family section of the Islamic Wills platform?

Non-Muslim relatives are not Islamic inheritors so please do not include them as the family section is used to calculate your Islamic inheritance allocation.

What if I want my non-Muslim relatives to get a share of the inheritance?

That’s absolutely possible. Just because they are not Islamic inheritors does not mean that they cannot inherit. You can make gifts to anyone who is not an Islamic inheritor through your bequests. Islamically you can make bequests that make up to a maximum of 1/3 of the value of your estate).

Do I include my step-children in the family section?

Step-children are not Islamic inheritors so they should not be included. If you wish to include them in the Will, you can make bequests in their favour.

Can I detail specific Islamic burial wishes?

We have some standardised wording in our Wills but do provide any specific burial wishes or requests and we will accommodate.

Please note that burial wishes are not binding so it’s best to appoint executors who will ensure your burial wishes are observed and also make any such expectations known to family where possible (this may not be possible for everyone given how some relatives may not be appreciative but it’s better broached before the situation occurs and causes strife).

I’ve changed my name. Which should I use?

Please use your legal name on the platform but let us know if you were/are known by a different name to your current legal name in the message section or once we get in touch with you in our follow-up email.

I have no Muslim relatives, what do I do?

That’s fine. Please submit your Islamic Will form without noting anyone in the family section and we will be in touch to discuss how you wish for your estate to be distributed.

My circumstances may change, how would I keep it up to date?

You’ll be able to keep your Will up to date through amendments (we offer an unlimited amendment subscription for just £10) as situations will arise that will necessitate updates. Updates are otherwise £30.

My situation is a bit sensitive- is there any further helps?

If you have a specific circumstance not covered here or in our FAQ article series, get in touch for clarification at

This article is part of our Islamic Wills FAQ series.

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Ismail is a Wills Associate and Team Lead at IFG Ismail is a Wills Associate and Team Lead at IFG