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May 27, 2021 2:33:38 AM 1 min read

E48 Podcast: Secret Investment Investors Make Millions


We’re talking in this episode about the asset class savvy investors are making millions from – startup investing. The likes of Uber, Netflix and thousands of startups you’ve never heard of have made overnight millionaires from people who took a £5k punt at some point in an early-stage company (probably little more than an idea at that point!).

We discuss:

– what is startup investing and why it’s such a big deal

– why are we even interested in this (not just the money)

– how many startups you should invest in and how you can de-risk your investment to a fraction of what you invest using tax breaks

– demystifying startup terminology (what on earth is a Series C round?!)

– why valuation is not of primary concern in startup investing

– what we look for in a startup (and why 95% of the deals we get never make it through)

– where you can find those great startups (hint: not on public platforms like Seedrs!)

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