We regularly hold live tafseer sessions (every 2 weeks) on a Saturday evening at 7pm on YouTube Live. The aim of these sessions is to explore the qur’an from a financial lens. This is a great tafseer for people who want to understand the qur’an in relation to finance and establish practical steps for themselves to improve.

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The links to our previous tafseers are posted here and updated after each session. You can also subscribe directly to our YouTube channel.

Tafseer 1 – Introductory tafseer

Tafseer 2 – What does a truly Islamic economy look like? Part 1

Tafseer 3 – What does a truly Islamic economy look like? Part 2

Tafseer 4 – What we can learn about technology from the Prophet Adam (AS)

Tafseer 5 – Why the best Muslims eat free-range chicken!

Tafseer 6 – How to Set and Achieve Life Goals 

Tafseer 7 – The Verse About Shipping

Tafseer 8 – HFA, HMC, Non-Zabiha and the Halal Food Industry