Startup Funding

Helping Muslim entrepreneurs and startups realise their potential, through sharia-compliant investment.

Through this website and our offline networks, we are in the fortunate position of being at the interface between many credible Muslim start-ups, and people with the capital to help those businesses scale and really make a difference.

This year alone, we have helped invest ~£2m into Muslim businesses. The smart money is investing heavily in the start-up scene and we want to help Muslim investors access this space too. If you’re new to this space and want to understand it better, do check out our podcast breaking it all down.

At the heart of our ethos at IFG is to support Muslim entrepreneurship using the principles of the Sharia. We believe this is the single most impactful way IFG can help the community. So we help Muslim founders connect with our strong bench of other founders and business leaders.

So if you are either:

  1. someone with a business (including startups) who is seeking capital to scale; or
  2. someone with (at least £5k) capital to invest in a business

then let’s start a conversation and collaboration.

Get in touch with us directly through the contact form on this page.

Please note that given these investments can be in start-ups, or fledgling businesses, these investment opportunities are only suitable for experienced, sophisticated investors, high-net-worth individuals, or investment companies.

Mags from Jamma

“When we decided to raise our first round for Jamma, it was important for us to find investors who “got” our business and shared our vision. IFG understood that from the get-go and were phenomenal at connecting us with the right people, as well as helping us refine our pitch. I now recommend them to every good team I know.”

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