IFG Ventures

Sharia-compliant venture investing for social good

For Investors

Start-up Investing is:

1. Impactful - your money goes directly boosting Muslim entrepreneurship which directly boosts the Muslim economy.

2. High-risk high-reward - you can lose money but you can also make a 10-100x return.

3. Tax efficient - using SEIS and EIS schemes you get back up to 50% of your invested amount in a tax rebate.

4. Fun - no other investment class is quite as exciting as picking the next big thing.

So if you are someone

looking to make a high-risk high-reward investment;

looking to make impactful exciting investments; and

with (at least £5k) capital to invest in a business,

then sign up below.

For Entrepreneurs

We are on your side. IFG is a start-up itself and has raised money just like you are looking to.

This last year we have invested over £2m in 7 start-ups.

We are very picky about our start-ups. But the ones we invest in we open up our entire network to you and fight for you to succeed.

We are well-connected with fund managers and pass on our investments to them for later rounds.

Mags from Jamma

“When we decided to raise our first round for Jamma, it was important for us to find investors who “got” our business and shared our vision. IFG understood that from the get-go and were phenomenal at connecting us with the right people, as well as helping us refine our pitch. I now recommend them to every good team I know.”

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