Sharia-compliant venture investing for social good

Startups offer a high risk, high reward return on your investment – and your money will be used to address the knottiest problems humanity faces today. Every month we decide to invest in 0-2 startups with our own money. Only then do we introduce the deal to others in our syndicate. Our deals are genuinely scarce and usually fund within 2-3 days.

Mohsin Patel

Mohsin Patel

Founding Partner
Ibrahim Khan

Ibrahim Khan

Founding Partner
Muhammad Altalib

Muhammad Altalib


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High Impact

All our investments are ethical and sharia compliant and usually with Muslim founders. We want the next big company to come from our community.

High Return

Early investors in very successful startups can make up to 500x return. Of course some companies fail, but the overall average return is still extremely high if you pick a few winners.

Save Tax

Our investments are usually SEIS and EIS compatible. This means that you get a tax rebate in year 1 of between 30-50%.


We have worked at the cutting edge of venture capital and our angel syndicate includes the founders of 3 £1bn valuation companies. These are the networks we get our deals from.

IFG Adds Value

Because Islamicfinanceguru is a startup itself, we speak the language of founders and open up our resources to them.

Robust Screening

For every 1 deal that gets invested in, we turn down dozens. We speak to industry experts on specialist companies. We dig into the financial and legal documentation. We negotiate a good deal.

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What people say

IFG has deep roots in the UK’s start-up eco-system and they have been incredible at connecting us with investors, mentors, accountants and whatever else we asked for. The founders come from legal backgrounds with top tier law firms and hence are a great strategic partner for budding entrepreneurs. I strongly recommend IFG to anyone who is looking to raise capital.”

Martin from Funding Souq

“When we decided to raise our first round for Jamma, it was important for us to find investors who “got” our business and shared our vision. IFG understood that from the get-go and were phenomenal at connecting us with the right people, as well as helping us refine our pitch. I now recommend them to every good team I know.”

Mags from Jamma

Funds we have co-invested with


We typically suggest people invest in a basket of 10-20 start-ups over a period of 2-4 years. This spreads risk. Our minimum investment per start-up deal is £2500. We usually present 0-2 opportunities per month. Most of our investments are SEIS/EIS qualifying, so UK investors will get back 30-50% in tax rebates in year 1.


We typically invest between £100k – £1m at pre-seed, seed and Series A. We are generally sector agnostic, but are interested in and have domain expertise in fintech, lawtech, Islamic economy startups and market-making platforms. We aim to review your pitch deck and get back to you within 2 weeks. We like warm introductions if possible, but no sweat if not.