Corporate Interview tips and tricks!

We would be happy to help with specific queries. You can use our contact us page to get in touch with these.

However, as you can see from the volume of FAQs on here, we simply can’t help give you general advice and guidance. We have produced a bunch of content, lectures and podcasts on this so we’d refer you to:

It is also not good practice to reach out to us or any other person you are looking to for advice or guidance for just general advice. Most people won’t even respond.

But mentors are important and you should try to get hold of them. Ideally you get introduced to them by someone they know. If not, a good cold email can also work.

But rather than asking “I am looking to get into corporate law – you guys have done it already – what is your advice?” you should ask “I am looking to get into corporate law, I have read the following book, or listened to the following podcast or attended the following open event, and these are my specific questions for you that only you can answer (and I can’t Google or ask someone else that I can easily get hold of). People are much more likely to answer that.