I’m currently in Year 13 and I’m in the process of applying for a 4 year degree apprenticeship with JPM. What appeals to me is the fact the bank will fund the 4 year degree in finance. I believe the work experience and future job opportunity will revolve around middle office functions such as cash management, anti money laundering, KYC,  trade support and accounting.

They’ve emphasised that movement between roles is very open and encouraged, my long term aim will be to work with their Islamic structuring and banking services. I understand this is may be very exclusive so I will seek to work in roles that don’t involve bonds such as M & A and equity.

My question is if you could shed some light on the permissibility of: the Degree Apprenticeship Scheme, Investment Banking Middle Office job and working in non interested based front office roles such as M & A and equity research.

I would avoid. Our view has always been that working within an investment bank at whatever function, front office or back office, support or fee-earning, is impermissible. If you can find an equivalent apprenticeship with a corporate that is not an investment bank, that would be much more preferable. You don’t want to set off on your career on the back foot. You want barakah in your career from the start.