Sharia-compliant to Small and Medium size companies

Sharia-compliant finance to small and medium sized businesses is sorely lacking. We are changing that.

You aren’t a startup and don’t want to give away equity. Good news – there is finally a solution!

We work with trusted partners that can offer sharia-compliant SME lending. Their high-level lending criteria are:

  1. A company looking for working capital financing
  2. Both secured and unsecured loans offered
  3. £25k to £100k financing range (can drop below £25k on a case by case basis)
  4. Financing terms up to 24 months
  5. Industry agnostic – Across the UK (Sharia-compliant sectors only)
  6. Companies with 2 year trading history
  7. All financing is to corporate entities (limited companies or LLPs)
  8. Any financing to sole traders or small partnerships is in excess of £25k and is never secured by a charge on a residential property – limiting financing to business purposes only.

If that fits your business, apply below.