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Is my job haram?

Imagine the situation. You’re working in a supermarket stacking the shelves and helping customers find things (that are right in front of them), and bantering with the team in the backroom. Life is good. But then disaster strikes, and you’re asked to stack the alcohol aisle. Or maybe you’re asked to swipe things at the checkout. Or perhaps you have to offer customers the latest deal available from Tesco Banking.

Haram or halal?

Or what about the Taxi driver who has to drive people to and from the pub or nightclub at night? Is he an accessory to the actions of his clients and consequently sinful?

And what about the banker, lawyer, or accountant who works in the financial industry? He will inevitably have to interact with transactions that involve some kind of interest-related element.

Is your job haram?

The jobs that are affected are numerous and include working as an accountant, a lawyer, an actuary, a banking analyst, a management consultant, an HMRC worker, a debt collector, and even serving haram food at a restaurant.

So what do we do in these situations?

Well, like most things in fiqh, there are two positions. They are roughly this:

  1. “You are helping this individual/company in carrying out some impermissible act and therefore, even if your job in particular is not directly linked to the haram act, you are still culpable and your income and job is not permissible according to the Shariah.”
  2. “You are helping this individual/company in carrying out some impermissible act but because these individuals have full control over their own actions and because your role is not haram per se, it is acceptable for you to take your income for your halal job.”

So which view is right?

Well there are a number of contextual issues to take into account to inform our decision-making.

Firstly, it is vital to remember that we are not living in a country where things like interest, alcohol, and pork are prohibited. Indeed, I don’t think there is a single country in the world where this is the case right now. Given that, the possibility for alternative jobs is drastically reduced.

Secondly, with the rise of globalisation we have seen companies growing larger and larger. There has been an explosion in large multinational corporations with their fingers in many pies, and for these companies it is near inevitable that somewhere down the line there will be some haram activity mixed in. Given that, a large number of available jobs are at these companies, and so a large number of people will be getting at least a portion of their income from haram sources.

Thirdly, we are operating in a legal, economic, and political framework that is structured around interest. Every financial agreement that we sign will have some interest-related element, whether it be with our utility company, a mobile phone contract, or a rental agreement with our landlord or tenant. Chances are we’ve all signed up to either pay or receive interest. So when talking about interest it is important for us and Islamic scholars to not see the contract in isolation.

Fourthly, in the particular case of the supermarket checkout example, the legal status of these staff are not as agents of the company who are selling the product to you on the company’s behalf, but rather they are being paid for the job of processing food and swiping it. In other words they’re getting paid to do what you could do yourself in the self-checkout aisle. So for these employees the second opinion can be availed of.

Fifthly, in the case of the financial industries, preparing and signing off on interest-based agreements – like some lawyers have to – is not on, but working on and preparing all sorts of other contracts and clauses that a bank or investment company may require are usually okay. As an accountant you are simply auditing after the fact so that is fine, and as an actuary you are doing a job that is halal per se (assessing risks, modelling), so again the second position can be applicable. Even in banks, there are a wide number of departments. If you are working in an investment bank on the trading floor buying and selling shares, that is probably okay compared to if you are brokering interest-based deals, which is highly likely not.

So all this context leads us to be slightly less strict in our interpretations of the Shariah, and the latter opinion, that of Imam Abu Hanifah is perfectly acceptable to adopt. However, there are some important checklists to fulfil to make sure you’re not abusing this Shari’ position.

A quick few rule of thumbs:

  • Is your job actually acceptable per se? So if you are an IT manager your job is intrinsically acceptable, but if you’re a loan-issuer at a bank your job is intrinsically unacceptable. If you’re selling credit cards then your job is intrinsically unacceptable. If you are selling lottery tickets and alcohol at your newsagent then your job is intrinsically unacceptable.
  • Where is the money coming from which you will get paid for? So if you’re an IT manager for a bank and the majority of its money comes from interest-based loans, then the source of the funds is impermissible But if you’re an IT manager in a bank where the majority of the funds come from advisory work, mergers & acquisitions, trading, then the source of the money is largely acceptable. For the scholars who hold the opinion the source of the money doesn’t matter, but if you are choosing between two jobs where one’s source of income is haram, then you should choose the other one.
  • Are there alternatives? This is important in the context of restaurant waiters. There are many halal restaurants one can work at instead of a haram one, so scholars do not accept that one can work in a restaurant where one will serve the customer haram products. Now in the case of supermarkets, for example, the situation is slightly different, as there every supermarket sells haram products and so it is an unavoidable part of being in that industry.
  • How proximate are you to the sin? A Taxi driver dropping off a customer to a pub is still at a relative distance to the action of drinking alcohol, while someone preparing a loan agreement is much more proximate to the action of trading in interest.

The reality of the matter is that jobs are messy, ambiguous affairs where you will be doing lots of things that may not have thought you would be doing before you started. One can’t just turn around and say, “oh, you’re an accountant? Let’s look at the fiqh list of approved employments – ah that’s haram and that’s halal. Simple.”  Job roles change from week to week and month to month and so there isn’t really a cookie cutter Shari’ answer to these questions.

Instead the best thing to consult is a scholar you trust, but also your own conscience. You might be able to sway the scholar by presenting your job in one particular light but you can’t fool yourself.

If you want an expert Islamic finance mufti to give you their personalised fatwa on your situation, please ask on our Fatwa Forum here.

You can see a very detailed discussion of this topic here:


Sources used for some rulings in this post:


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  • Assalaamalaikum i am planning to pursue masters in islamic banking in malaysia but i will be joining only on September 2019 intake now i have a year left and i am planning to do a job something relevant to the course i got a offer from an investment bank but as i see that is haram and would somebody suggest me with a idea and also looking for a islamic bank employee as there is nosuch banks in my country (INDIA).

    • I suggest you get involved in any respectable corporate – that will give you some great experience and add to your CV. You can always develop your interest in IF by writing and research on the side.

  • What if the company which i am joining to work has started their company with taking loans and paying interest to banks so is it halal to work there?

    • Ibrahim Khan
      June 17, 2019 3:13 pm

      Yes – how an employer has funded his business is not directly relevant to you and would dramatically reduce the pool of halal employment to vanishingly rare (even the government borrows). However, I would advise working in the financial officer roles of such an organisation.

  • Muhammad Zaid Saleem
    June 25, 2019 8:21 am

    hey ibrahim ,
    Is it advisable to become Financial Analyst or Financial Consultant as both will ultimately land up giving an advice or doing scrutiny on investment related matters which comprises of interest.
    My opinion in this regard is as I am only providing my analysis and ultimate decision maker is the party itself seeking the advice why would I be entitled as earning haram if I am not directly involved in giving or taking of interest .

    • Ibrahim Khan
      June 25, 2019 11:58 pm

      Good question. What is the broader job spec for these roles? I ask as the role will vary from organisation to organisation.

      But the rule of thumb is that where the job is actively involved in recommending and executing on haram investments, then this is problematic.

  • Araish shaikh
    June 28, 2019 6:16 pm

    Brother I am looking to make career in data science field. But most of analytics firm have clients of banking and financial firm,insurance, alcohol company,entertainment firm.
    So If I got job in analytics company
    I will get the project to analyze data of this company and give advice about product or future investment.
    So it will be haraam right?
    Can you please advice me

    • Ibrahim Khan
      July 2, 2019 2:09 pm

      As you will be providing a consultancy service, your job will be permissible. Though of course you should avoid haram consultancy projects as much as possible once you have joined, and, as you get more senior, you should avoid developing a particular expertise as a data science expert in the alcohol industry for example!

  • Asc i have question I used to work as substitute kindergarten teacher in different kindergarten. When I got the job the lady ask me if I have problem with handshaking and I said no. After working some months I feel terrible I know handshaking with male is haram, I shy person can’t say no. I regret so much. And wondering is money haram cuz? My last payment I gave to my mom since she loads money from people I pay for her, and this month I was supposed to pay the rest but she had money to buy for bed ( to me and brother) but she paid with her money and now I brought bed from my money I was wondering is the money haram ? And if what should I do? Plz help I can’t stop thinking about I don’t know if it not I feel bad. All thinking is if die in bed use from haram money and hell fire I rather have no bed to if it’s no problem.

    • salaam Mariam – my personal view is that if a handshake is in the context of a professional relationship and there is no suggestion of anything inappropriate that is fine. In any case your money is not haram either way – a particular act you do in your job (which is not core to your job) is not going to make all your income haram.

  • Is it okay to work as an accountant in a chiarty or a company such as a law firm or IT business? Do most businesses take out loans so all work with Riba? Is it best to avoid the accounting field in case I come into contact with interest recording?

  • Babar Akhtar
    July 8, 2019 11:13 pm

    What is your opinion on the job as an investment consultant for a pension scheme, which may involve providing advice on interest based investment strategies?

  • Joanne Tessier
    July 16, 2019 4:45 pm

    Great info, thanks for the share!

    • Asslamu aleikum. Is it allowed to work as Chief Accountant in Financial leasing company (not Islamic finance)? Their monthly lease rates are partially fixed and partially depend on rate of cost of funds. Please advise.

      • I would avoid to be honest. Technically you could justify it if you are purely accounting and not signing any documents and leading on financing strategy, but I think that would be a stretch too far given your job title.

  • Muhammad Talha
    August 6, 2019 6:23 pm

    AOA as an financial analyst and consultant a person have to give advice to chose the option which is good for organization it may include advice on interest either take or give” while the organisations earnings based on allowed activities like trading not based on interest(banks). the question is; my obligation is to give them best advice as an worker that may include interest.if i will not give the best advise that is based on non interest items (in my opinion) i would not be earning halal because i am not performing my duty deliberately. performing best for my organization is under my control but making ultimate decision is not; only giving advice is. so is there is any space in sharia?

  • If I sell windows in people’s homes, and the company requires me to show the customer that they offer a finance option…
    If the customer wants to take up the finance option, it would require me to fill out the paperwork and take a deposit and send it to the company to process.

    Would my job be permissible seeing that my main job is “Selling Windows” while finance is a part of the sales process (probably about 20% of customers take this option)?

    Can I take the job?

    • I haven’t forgotten about this comment – I just haven’t managed to think it through properly. I think this actually deserves a full article as its quite an interesting and tricky situation!

  • Hi Ibrahim, I’m working as Anti Money Laundering and KYC compliance Analyst in a consultancy for banks, is my job is haram?

    • As you’re a consultant – so separate to the bank – my view would be this is fine.

      • Asalamalaikum brother, I am financial consultant providing mutual fund advisory to the clients and also I am AML/KYC certified and wants to do a job as compliance officer in a bank or is it permissible or not??

  • Asalam Alaikum Brother,

    I’m a recent IT Graduate and I’ve recently been offered an IT Support Analyst position at a Global Process Systems company that offers card payment systems to businesses and provides technical support.
    They provide businesses with a money transaction processing platform and work with developers to create smart payment systems (Smartphone and Smart Watches).

    I would like to know if this job is permissible and halal for me?

    Jazakallah Khair

  • Is providing process improvement and software development consulting/services to Accountants, halal? I will be recommending and implementing CRM (software), Analysing data and setting up the Reporting tool for the lead accountants.

  • Salam Ibrahim,
    I’m a being offered a job (as IT Manager) in a bank serving in private wealth management, asset management and investment banking. The scope of the job is to manage the IT projects (around building softwares) of the bank. Should I accept this job?

    Many thanks for your help

  • Salams Ibrahim, I’m working as a trainee solicitor & wish to qualify in property or non-contentious construction.
    The issue for me is that every Standard Condition of Sale, Lease Agreement or Construction Appointment will in some way or other refer to interest, i.e the Bank of England base-rate or refer to the Commercial Debt Act.
    Therefore, whether you are a property, construction, energy lawyer or IT lawyer you will inevitably work on a contract that’s as a mechanism to either pay or receive interest. By working in such a profession, even thought I’m working in property, does that equate to being a ‘Scribe’ according to the Hadith in Muslim? I’m not working directly in a Riba based transactions, i.e say like a Finance lawyer on a Felicity Agreement but there is unfortunately some mentioned interest in most contract in every area of law.
    What’s your take/interpretation?Working as a property lawyer?

    • I would say that a reference to interest is not by itself problematic in itself (otherwise you wouldn’t be able to work as a lawyer as you said) largely because it is not the objective of the contract and doesn’t kick in unless in case of exigencies. Secondly, it only codies what would happen in the case of a dispute through a court (Judgement Rate Interest etc).

      However working in finance itself is to my mind impermissible (though as a trainee arguably justified given you may not have a choice and you will be focusing on process management and security documentation as opposed to the loan documents). Property gets into a grey area. In the City, property documentation is often pure property focused and divorced from the financing. So that would be fine. But on a high street, you will be handling the whole gamut of documents, including finance docs – so I wouldn’t want to personally do that.

      Hope that helps!

      • Ibrahim – Can you ask/check with Mufti Bilal opinion on the above? It would be good for my conscience and prospective article.

  • Salaam Ibrahim,

    Is it harem to work in car dealership as the business manager who does sells warranties while prossecing loan applications. Sometimes 0% interest some times interest. But I get paid only on warranties not the loan or the sale of the car.

    • This is a tricky one. I’ll check in with Mufti Billal on this.

      The thing that concerns me is I know that financing profit is a crucial part of the car industry, so whilst your job on the surface is selling cars, in the background there is this financing element.

      But let me have a think and a chat with the relevant people.

  • Salam Bro. I have been offered a position as an Asset Transfers Co-ordinator working to Assist the growth of business by delivering successful asset on-boarding and asset restructure outcomes. The company is a Life Insurance Company. Would this job be halal for me, quick response needed. Jzk

    • salaam – this sounds complicated! Without knowing specifics hard to definitely say, but my starting position with life insurance is that it is permissible unless proven otherwise. So working in such a company is not prima facie impermissible.

      As ever, please remember these are just our considered thoughts – not a fatwa!

  • Hi, I’m a student and I started working in my university mess as cashier. The problem is that this is a European country and people take pork and haram meals and drinks. What should I do? I can’t quit now bcz I signed a contract. Can I do charity or something else?

  • Assalamualaikum Mr Ibrahim, I was wondering something. I am currently working as a customer service executive at a centralised call center for a hotel brand and just like most 5 star hotels, they have bars and serve alcohols whether as an amenity or in a restaurant/bar.
    My main task is to handle room reservation so basically, I receive calls or emails from guests mainly for room reservation purposes, however, my main concern is, sometimes, we do receive guests who would ask for the menu on alcohols, or ask us to reserve the seat at the bar for them or we have to send payment link to them to pay for the alcohol etc. All of this will require us to contact internal and make sure everything is arranged accordingly. Whenever I can, I try to avoid situations involving this such as I never proactively recommend them to try out this or that bar or I only offer chargeable amenities like flowers or cake and never the wine Therefore, is this haram? I’m not sure on the percentage that I have received from this but what is my status here? Should I leave?
    Thank you very much and I’m looking forward to your reply. Thank you very much in advance and God bless you

  • Hi Sir, Scenario 1: I’m an assistant to a broker to whom I will help to find and give details of fund seeking huge construction projects or any other huge fund requirements for halal business and he will find funders for that project. Usually funding will be from a western country, obviously funding will be based on interest and equity in the projects. Once the project has been funded the main broker will get commission from the funder and he pays part of that brokerage commission to me. Is this Halal income for me? Scenario 2: Now, I’m able to do the same on my own. If I help huge amounts of fund seeking halal projects to find a funder who funds the money with interest and equity in the project. Now again directly I will get the commission for this financial brokering. Is this brokerage commission is halal for me? Kindly help me to lower my stress regarding this income source through fund brokering for the above scenarios.

  • Assalamualaikum Brother Ibrahim,

    I live in US.

    My question is related to investment in share market. If I buy shares from Amazon and Microsoft, is it permissible in Islam . I know they are the tech companies and they are not directly related to any gambling or interest. But again they might be doing transactions with a riba based Bank.

    So please explain whether I can buy their shares.

    Thank you

    Allah Hafez

    • salaam Taslim – yes they’re fine iA. The vast majority of these companies’ earnings are from tech-based sales so that’s what we should focus on.

    • Faheem Ahmed
      June 29, 2020 6:05 pm

      Asalamo Alaykum bro Ibrahim,
      My son has a summer student job offer as a data entry position from a mortgage broker company in North America. He will work their as a temporary summer student for two months. Kindly provide some guidance if he should accept this job.

      Faheem Ahmed

  • Salam aleikum Brother Ibrahim,

    first and foremost, I want to thank you all for your amazing work you are all doing – really very much needed in this time especially in the west. May Allah bless you!
    I just wanted to introduce myself. I´m a German fellow, 27 years old and alhamdulillah a revert to Islam. I´m currently working at the BMW Private Equity & Venture capital department since approximately almost 1,5 year. My tasks now are almost the same of an Analyst.
    My tasks:
    – Supporting the deal team with all aspects of bi-annual portfolio review
    – Attending private equity fund meetings
    – Maintaining the deal log in the fund database
    – And conducting various parts of the commercial due diligences, including quantitative analytics (here I get access to the data room of the screened fund and sort the data so that the responsible investment manager can easier access to the data in a well-structured order
    – Furthermore, I must write a very short assessment of the screened fund (mostly about the historic track record, the fund team…etc. half page approximately
    – Creating benchmarking charts to see how the screened or invested fund performs

    About our company:
    The main business of BMW is actually just selling cars or other type of technology. We are in particular managing the pension fund, in order to increase the pension of our employees we are investing in private equity and venture capital.
    There is no carried interest which we are getting paid, so whether the funds performing well or not we just getting paid our salary.

    Main Question:
    However, the responsible investment managers sometimes decides to screen and invest in funds, which have some companies in their portfolio, which are supporting unislamic things (for example such as music, gambling, selling pork/alcohol in restaurants etc.) but this would be the minority. The majority is invested in companies which belongs to the sector of technology, infrastructure or others. Often, it’s the case that we invest just in healthcare funds or technology funds, which doesn’t have any unislamic companies whatsoever, but it really depends on the fund.
    Sometimes the funds in which we invest decides by themselves to do a LBO but sometimes the just invest the equity of the investors, but that’s their business, the limited partners are not involved.
    I was asking myself, if my job is halal or not? The decision isn’t up to me it’s just up to the eligible investment manager and their bosses. I’m just providing my services of doing analytics and reporting stuff, because in most of the jobs in the finance industry in Germany I would face actually the same problematics as (Riba, alcohol, music.) in some sort or form, because everything is so mixed up.

    My main goal from this job is to gain experience and knowledge in order to build and create an own islamic private equity fund in germany or act as an islamic private equity investor. Because theres nothing in this field in germany and very much needed.

    What should i do ? Should i progress or should i quit my job? What would you recommend?

    I really look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you very much ! May Allah bless you!
    Best regards
    Your Brother!

    • Interesting situation – without wanting to give a fatwa or anything – I would be comfortable with your job given you sit within the wider BMW company umbrella as opposed to working in a PE fund which primarily makes its money from haram activity.

      Separately, if you drop me a line on I might have a deal that may be relevant for BMW’s VC arm!

    • Hi Mikael, how are you? I work in a fortune 500 company and wanted to share with you some thoughts. Can you email me at

  • As-Salam-Alaikum,
    Dear Sir,

    Can I work in Online Payment, Mobile Commerce and Payment Processing companies like WePay, PayPal, ProPay, PayU etc.,? Is it Halal?

  • A suggestion to you. When I commented on this article I just lost track of it after that, then it was pretty tough to find this article link and later after bookmarking the page I kept coming back again and again patiently expecting the reply to my question. After asking an important question about their problem, People might not know how to find the same link again and they might not be patient as well by which they might miss a feasible solution from you. So kindly modify the code to notify the people with the article/comment link through email once you commented back to their comment. Thanks.

    • Salaam – I believe there is that functionality – when you make the comment it asks if you want to be notified when there is a response.

      Also, for more urgent queries we recommend using our contact us page.

  • Hi, I work in a family office for a middle eastern client. As part of my job, I look at potential investments for the client but also arrange loans for them through their relationship banks.

    We only help with trying to get the best deal for the client and subsequent documentation but the final contract is between the client and the bank. We get a fixed annual fee for our services rather than for helping to arrange such a transaction.

    Do you believe what I do is permissible?


    • Interesting question. If this constitutes a small proportion of your job then I could get comfortable with it on the basis you are fundamentally an advisor on a broadly permissible investment strategy. However, if it is a large part of your job, and the financing they get is haram financing, I would personally feel uncomfortable with that situation.

  • Habiba Muttalib
    January 13, 2020 9:07 pm

    Assalamu’Alaikum, I am a student doing A Level economics and i was hoping to do economics as a degree, ending up as a management consultant, or an investment analyst, somewhere around that field, but investment analyst looks more promising to me. I know that investment banking is haraam, but would an analyst be halal as it would be working with the data and not directly giving interest. If this is doubtful, what other jobs in the economics industry or with that degree would you say are halal and okay to pursue. JazakAllah

  • Asslaamu alaikum brother
    I have a question
    working in doha bank Qatar as senior financial analysts is this halal job? Please reply soon..

  • Asslaamu alaikum brother
    I have a question
    working in doha bank Qatar as senior financial analysts is this halal job? Please reply soon..

  • Assalamu’alaikum,

    I came across this job recently and would like to know if it’s considered halal.

    The job at a boutique corporate finance firm is hiring an executive to carry out advisory work on IPOs, mergers & acquisitions. There is also compliance work which is to advise companies to comply with relevant rules and regulations.

    The main source of the company’s earnings is from advisory fees charged to clients. The clients,however may be involved in businesses with haram income such as sales of alcohol and pork. Does that affect the lawful income status of the employees in the finance firm? Other than that, as a financial institution the firm also does not offer loans to other companies or invests in stocks and/or derivatives.

    Hope to seek your clarification whether the job described above is halal. Thank you.

  • As salamu alaykum
    I am soon going to apply for university. I want to pursue a carrer in actuarial science. Is jobs in this field halal? I mean they mostly get jobs in banks and inssurance companies where most of the income is through rents. As I have understood from this debate it is not permissible to work for a company where most funds are attained through haram means…? And this is also applicable if the job itself is halal – risk calculating, managing payments etc.?

    I really appreciate that you take time out to answer these questions. Specially young muslims in the west need people like you!

    Best regards,
    Awais Rafiq

  • Salam, very interesting, open minded and thought provoking article.
    I currently work at a regular Bank in a contact centre for personal loans. My job is to just give information to people enquiring about getting a loan, for example a car loan. My role is just a basic, entry level role answering the phone. Is this halal, haram, a major sin? I have heard a lot of opinion but I would love your clarification.

  • Aslm ibrahim what about working as an Analyst for a company that collates information and admin for the banks. It allows the end consumer to get the best deal from a home loan perspective as they will effectively be going for the best deal. The reason why they(clients) use this intermediary is because this company (I would potentially work for) Does all the leg work and takes a fee from the respective bank that the deal lands up with. Is this allowed? Almost like a free advisory service to the end consumer yet the fee comes from the bank the deal ends up with.

  • SalamAleykom, I live in London and work for an IT firm equivalent to Dell, Netapp, this kind of company.
    I am a financial analyst for the finance department in the company.
    The firm has his own bank for their customers.
    My role is to send documentation, generate them from the system.
    The contracts are leasing agreement with our customers.
    I am not involved in calculations, price, customer meeting and negotiation but I am being asked to send documentation.
    Leasing contracts do not mention interest but I can clearly see sometimes that the repayment of the equipment being leased is higher than the equipment cost itself.
    I deal with purchase orders to our partners to purchase some equipment and ensure their invoice is being paid by our company.
    I am looking after the admin side.
    My salary is being paid by the company not the bank we have internally.
    Is my job haram ?
    Thank you.

  • Salaam Ibrahim,

    Thank you for the well written article

    I was interested in your opinion on working in specific divisions within an Investment Bank / Private Equity/ Fixed Income ?

    My understanding of M&A is that it is permissible as you are being paid on your advisory role and offering advice,building models etc ?

    However, does this apply for a Banking role within Debt Capital Markets (DCM) where again you are being paid for offering advice, building models etc – however this time you are advising a firm on Debt Issuances , you are neither the one selling the bond or the one buying , but simply advising a firm on how to best issue it ?

    Also was wondering on the permissibility in working in Fixed Income (investing in bonds) or a Credit Team for a private equity firm, where you work on the Analysis of potential Bond/Credit Investments?

    Kind Regards

  • Ibrahim is working as a financial analyst halal or haram? I am an economics student and this job entails recommending investments some of which are not halal industries as well as corporate bonds, which are interest based.

    • Ibrahim Khan
      April 20, 2020 9:47 am

      Depends on where you are a financial analyst. Analysing is not haram – but doing it for a bank in my view is. Doing it for a professional service or media outlet isn’t though.

  • Salam Alaykum brother,

    I have been offered a job working for a broker finance company whereby I help clients secure financing their vehicles with interest being involved within the agreements. What’s your opinion on this?

  • Salam Alaykum brother,

    I have been offered a job working for a broker finance company whereby I help clients secure financing their vehicles with interest being involved within the agreements. What’s your opinion on this?

  • I am considering a currency (forex) portfolio manager position. What do you think about it?

  • Assalam Alaikum Warehmatullahi Wabarkatahu.
    Sir i am from india and working in a MNC who’s parent company is US Title Insurance Company (First American) which deals With mortgage solutions and finance. I work as process associate and my role is to update the data base and we work on multiple projects in backend. Please let me know the source of my income is halaal or not? Thanks in advance.

  • Assalamu alaykum Ibrahim ! May God bless you for your help us.

    If you let me I have a question for you:

    I am a software developer and I am working for IT company ( separate independent company) . We are developing a software for other investment banks (Security Firms). Our software performs:

    Commissions calculation
    Workflow automation

    My question is: Is my current job is halal (permissible)?

    Thank you in advance!

    May 1, 2020 3:14 am

    Assalam va alykum sir. I am working as Associate in LIC HOUSING FINANCE LIMITED. In this company working is haram?

    • Ibrahim Khan
      May 4, 2020 11:18 am

      Definitely worth posting in our forum ( and our muftis can opine!

      • Shuaib Malik
        July 29, 2020 2:35 pm

        Asalam o alaikum,

        My situation is somewhat similar. I received a job offer from one of the top 3 mortgage loan companies here in the US. I will be working in their IT division. Wondering if it is permissible to at a mortgage loan company in their digital marketing technology department?

  • Assalamualaikum Brother

    Could please help me to know , working in “Nomura service Pvt Ltd Mumbai” is halal or its prohibited in our Islam !!! As I am planning to join that company.. your decision will be heartfully considered !! Jazakallah 😇

    • Mohsin Patel
      May 13, 2020 2:33 am

      You should post in our forum – – and get a mufti to opine.

  • Is bba and mba in economics fine to do i want to become a financial manager i would be dealing with managing the companies reports and analysing them to bring out an outcome.

  • S Namreen Lubna
    May 18, 2020 11:25 pm

    Assalamu alaikum..
    I am into procurement department. i work in a non banking company but our client is a bank… my job is to set up the contract between the supplier and the bank for watever the bank buys from supplier.. is my Job Haram?

  • Aamer Sayed
    May 26, 2020 7:08 pm

    Asalamualaikum Brothers & Sisters,

    I just wanted to know if it is permissible to work at MSCI(, the only thing that I know about the
    organization is that it’s an investment company and Alhamdulillah very soon they will be releasing my offer letter as a Techincal Support Services.

    Please suggest.

    May Allah bless you all.

  • What about becoming a Financial Broker for property development.
    Bringing the two parties together and recieving an introducers fee/commission for that.
    Halal or Haraam.

  • Umar Rehman
    July 19, 2020 1:48 pm

    With all respect, I beg you all to please discuss your matter with qualified scholar who is specialised in financial matters. Also, please take a option of majority. We have a habit of listing to those individuals or scholars who are going to say yes it’s allowed.

  • rukhsar shaikh
    July 25, 2020 6:43 am

    can we work in a loan recovery department??

  • Assalamu alaikum my name is Suhad Ahmed. I have got a job oprtunoty with bujys. (It’s a learning app) I have to make seals to the customer. Which involve EMI and loans to further use the bujys application for children learning app. Please do let me know as my date of joining is nearby

  • Assalamu alaikum. My name is Suhad Ahmed. I have got a job oprtunoty with bujys. (It’s a learning app) I have to make seals to the customer. Which involve EMI and loans to further use the bujys app for children to learning via app. Please do let me know as my date of joining is nearby

  • Assalamu alaikum. My name is Suhad Ahmed. I have got a job oprtunoty with bujys. (It’s a learning app) I have to make sales to the customer. Which involve EMI and loans to further use the bujys app for children to learning via app. Please do let me know as my date of joining is nearby

  • Salam. I’m about to go into college and want to make sure that the field I’m going to pursue is halal. Is a financial manager halal. Obviously I don’t know what I’ll do exactly, but overall what is your input?

  • Salaam,

    Thanks for the post. Very interesting and complex at the same time.

    Do you believe it is acceptable for me to accept a fund accountant role? This is a typical role, which ultimately reports the performance of the fund to investors.

  • Anisa Choudhary
    October 6, 2020 5:03 pm


    I do editorial work for an education company – writing for about 16 universities/colleges. I am mostly writing about MBAs, accountancy qualifications etc.

    However, once a month – or maybe even less – I get asked to write a course page/landing page for a music college. I myself try to avoid music, so I am wary about this tiny aspect of my role. What do you think?

  • Mohammed Azharudheen
    October 9, 2020 3:09 pm

    Is income from youtube halal. I was planning to make a channel on halal investment in equity an all

  • AsslamuAlaikum Ibrahim
    I lost my Job and now in process of finding a new one. I recently got an offer from mortgage financial company as IT systems engineer. Is it halal or harms for me to work for this company as an IT engineer?

  • Is working at a mortgage company as a Document Management Associate, checking notary, wet signatures, printing & researching (prepping) missing page, data entering borrowers check information Halaal? Verifying notary is to see if the document is stamped/sealed (legible). I am not verifying signatures but I take note if signature is missing or if it’s not wet. Then I data enter the documents which include scanning shipping label, barcodes, the number of pages and the coworker who prepped it. JazakAllah Khair.

  • I am willing to do financial modeling course online. Is it permissible in islam?

  • I work in a company which basically has developed a program/software for debit, prepaid and credit cards. Most of the clients are of prepaid and debit but there are credit clients as well. The clients then issues card to their customers. Basically the clients of our company can be a bank or some other company which wants to develop cards and want their customers to use card for payments. So our company is basically a processor which processess the transactions when a transaction is done through any card and then keeps record of the transactions. So the credit card transactions are also processed and stored. The rules related to credit card are also applied from our company’s program or software (like how much interest to be charged or other fees which should be applicable. Other rules like limits on card are all configured from our company’s software).
    So will it be allowed to work in a company like this? Waiting for your feedback. Thanks

  • Can you work in mergers and acquisitions in a consultancy firm? Is it also permissable to work as a financial analyst in any industry that is halal such as healthcare, IT, etc?

  • Assalam Alikum,

    I am about to get an offer from a retail company who are mainly in to retail industry but they also have the financial services part of it, where they have the credit based purchase model which we generally find in most of the retailers. They also have the loan lending business, Where they work with external FS companies

    My role there is going to be in Data Analytics part, They are building data insights to help and plan their business. – My current role is in to IT consulting where we have almost type of clients like Banks, Insurance etc..

    Bit confused and worried here – Will be helpful if you can give comment and advice here.

    Jazakh Allah Khair


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