At IFG we speak both the language of Islamic law and the commercial world.

We cover the full range of personal finance matters from an Islamic perspective. Here’s a distilled summary:

  1. We have a great snapshot of all the main Islamic financial products side-by-side on our comparison page.
  2. Every Muslim in the UK needs a will. We have completed a slick online solution to the problem. Check out IFG Wills.
  3. We consider if things are halal or not: forex, shares, ACN, credit cards, life insurance and even all-you-can-eat buffets.
  4. Check out our resources page for our zakat guide on investments.
  5. We share some great tips and resources like this credit card hack and this little-known government scheme.
  6. We have biweekly business/finance-focused tafseer on our podcast.
  7. Plus many more articles below.
Every British Muslim needs a will. IFG Wills is an affordable quality option entirely online.
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