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Hit Your Goals - Start Investing

Step 1 - Why

You've decided you need to get your investment game in order. Fantastic. You're on your way.
But in order to be able to effectively drive your investments in the right direction you need to know where you're going. Otherwise you'll never arrive.
So use our halal investment checklist to think through your why.

Step 2 - What

Right, now you know why you're investing, let's figure our what you actually have to invest.
The amount will determine what options are open to you (as certain investments have minimum buy-ins).
Do this calculation:
[how much money do I have to invest now] + [[how much money do I save annually] x 5]
This will give you a rough sense of how much of a pot of money you expect to deploy over the next 5 years. 

Step 3 - Where

Now the fun bit - where can you invest? 
For this you should read our halal investing guides and get onto IFG Wealth to compare between 70+ options from across the globe.
We're biased of course, but you should definitely check out Cur8 Capital, our very own alternative investment platform where you can invest in institutional grade VC and real estate investments.

Step 4 - How

Ok so you have now probably shortlisted a bunch of investments. You now need to make sure:
  1. That you sufficiently diversify your portfolio;
  2. That you stick within the time horizons that you need to in order to achieve your goals; and
  3. That you stick within a risk category you are comfortable with.

We cover these topics across our articles but if you want the fast-track on all this stuff, check out our flagship course - the Halal Money Formula.