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We are two Oxford uni nerds and have been investing in public markets (stocks and shares) and private companies (start-ups) for over a decade now. We do this stuff because we love it – and we love to share our learning on IFG. We tackle both the commercial and fiqhi aspects head-on.

Here’s a distilled round-up of the best IFG has to offer on halal investing:

  1. You must download our Halal Investment Checklist. This resource benefits thousands each year and is a great starting point on your journey.
  2. Read this practical guide on how to actually start investing.
  3. Check out our reviews of companies like Wahed and Yielders.
  4. Check out our comparison page to see how companies match up and unleash the savvy investor in you. For mega returns, see our Start-up Funding page.
  5. Head over to our courses page to check out our Halal Investing For Busy Professionals Course, among others.
  6. Check out our podcast – in particular, Investing for busy professionals.
  7. And of course, check out all the articles on this topic below!
  8. Any questions – give us a shout via our contact page.
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