Tips, Advice and Support for Muslim Entrepreneurs

At IFG we believe that a key way we can help the Muslim community is by helping start-ups and young businesses grow into mature and flourishing ventures.

We do this in a few ways.

  1. Check out our Start-up page to find out how to get investment for your business//invest in businesses.
  2. Check out our Resources page for some great intel on start-up investing.
  3. Check out our Halal Investing for Busy Professionals course. It has a great section on how to start investing in start-ups.
  4. Reach out to us via the contact page if you are looking for sharia-compliant debt finance for your SME.
  5. Browse through our articles below on the topic of entrepreneurship, and also check out our podcast interviews with the likes of Muzmatch and Hoxton Ventures.
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