Most Muslim professionals want to put their money to work by investing but they tell us that they don’t know what options they have or whether the options are any good or not.

The good news is that here at IFG, we love making the complicated simple.

This course looks at a range of halal investment options for busy professionals. We’ve stress-tested them all and because of our unique position, we’re on the pulse of all the options that are available out there.

By the end of the course, you should be confidently able to start allocating your capital to different hands-off investments chosen by you.

As a bonus, we will be revealing how we personally invest in the stock market both directly and through some of the options we’ll be going through in the course.

Everyone knows that inflation eats away at your cash. So if you want to start getting ahead for your long-term future in a halal manner, this course is for you.