Islamic Advice & Tips for Managing the Coronavirus

Coronavirus has caused major disruption to the way we live and our economies. We are working around the clock to bring our audience the most relevant information, fatawa, and guides for this rapidly evolving situation.

Below are all the relevant links for this coronavirus situation.

High level our position is:

  1. People should try to carry on as much as normal in their daily lives and jobs. The more people that do that, the more even-keel our economy stays. And that is what we want at this stage. Long-term, if the economy fails, far far more people will die than ever will through coronavirus.
  2. Please do not hoard, hike up prices, or panic-buy. It is unseemly, ungodly, and unIslamic. We need to be showing the best of behaviour in society as Muslims in times like these.
  3. Please follow closely all governmental guidance. Right now it is that all unnecessary social contact should be avoided. That means no going to masajid or family gatherings. Yes this is hard but long-term this keeps us all safe. You will not forgive yourself if you visit your elderly father and give him the virus (remember you might have the virus and not have any symptoms).
  4. We have seen a huge spike in our online Islamic Will service. We are working around the clock to deliver you your wills within a week as we always promise. If you are an NHS employee then for the next 7 days (starting 20 March 2020) we will be offering a “pay-what-you-like” Islamic Will as a thank you for all the sacrifice you are making. You can access it here.
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